Changes to the Scrum Guide at a glance

My summary of the main adjustments from November 2020

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On November 18th Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber presented the revised Scrum Guide (November 2020). You will find the details on the official Scrum Guide revision page.

The changes affect the

  • Planning | Sprint Backlog,
  • Increment,
  • Product Backlog,
  • Scrum Team.

The main changes

In the Sprint Planning, there are now three topics to focus one:

  • Why is the Sprint valuable?
  • How will the chosen work get done?
  • What can be done?

The Sprint Goal now has a “home”. The Sprint Backlog includes a commitment to the Sprint Goal.

Within a Sprint the Scrum Team can create multiple increments. Here the commitment is the Definition of Done.

New is the Product Goal. It is the long-term objective for the Scrum Team. In the Product Backlog, the Product Goal is the commitment.

The Scrum Team is one team. The idea of a sub-team “Development Team” has been removed. Accountabilities replace the term roles. The Scrum Team is self-managing.

Pictures by the author
Pictures by the author

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