How To Appear More Confident

3 simple tricks for your next presentation

Britta Ollrogge, MBA
2 min readJun 19, 2022


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Maybe you know the following situation: you’re giving a presentation with colleagues or conducting a sales pitch, and you get the impression that when it’s your turn to speak, the audience becomes inattentive. They listen to your colleagues with an exciting look, but as soon as you say something, they look at their cell phones, yawn, and seem completely uninterested.

With these three simple tricks, you can immediately improve your presentation:

  1. Don’t watch the audience too critically
    Maybe when you speak, your focus is more on the audience than before. You want to see your audience’s thoughts and interpret something in their facial expressions and actions.
    Maybe the audience looked disinterested in your colleagues, but you didn’t notice because you weren’t paying attention.
    When you speak, focus on your content and not on the individual reactions of the audience.
  2. Stand firmly on the ground
    Sometimes when you are self-conscious, you don’t even notice that you are rocking from one leg to the other, walking back and forth, or making other movements during your talk. Through this non-verbal communication, the audience notices your insecurity and no longer takes the content so seriously.
    In the future, make sure that you stand stable.
  3. Speak loudly and clearly
    If your voice is too soft, it is difficult for the listeners to follow. It also makes what you are saying seem unimportant. Make sure your voice is energetic and loud enough. Take regular pauses to keep the focus on your words.

Additional Tip:
Get solicit feedback from a neutral observer
Avoid asking your colleagues for feedback. Some may give you honest feedback, but often they have their own agenda for their feedback. Maybe a coach would be an excellent choice to provide some unbiased feedback.



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