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Medium As A Side Hustle? See The Real Figures

And what you can learn from it

Britta Ollrogge, MBA
5 min readFeb 21, 2022
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I’ve always promised myself: “I won’t write about making money on Medium.”
But now, after more than one year, 10,000 views, 10,000 claps, and 1,000 followers, I would like to share my experience and my learnings.

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Make money?

Do you also get hooked by these kinds of headlines?

  • “I got 10,000 claps on one article”
  • “I earned 5,000 USD with one article on Medium”
  • “Last month I made 7,900 USD on Medium”

I do because I’m curious how people make it. But my impression after I’ve read several of those articles: Often it’s just a fake. For example, I read one story in which someone stated that he started three months ago on Medium, published 2–3 articles every week, and earned more than 3,000 USD with these stories. So I looked into some of his stories. Most of them had 20 to 120 claps. So it’s pretty evident that he couldn’t have earned $3,000 with them.

But maybe some very successful writers are out there who can pull something like this off.

Learning: Don’t waste your time with articles describing that someone made a lot of money with Medium very easily and quickly.

Why did I choose Medium? It was also about money for me in the beginning. I had seen a YouTube video in which someone was promoting Medium to make money quickly with a few articles.

Since I love to write and was thinking about creating a blog or using a platform, I thought I’d give Medium a try. Although, maybe I should have been skeptical since the YouTuber had already deleted all his articles from Medium shortly after publishing the video. Hence, it wasn’t possible to validate his success story anymore.

I started on Medium mid of September 2020. Since then, I’ve published 92 stories and earned $132.77. So on average, about $8/month with about five published stories/month. Not precisely a lucrative side hustle…



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