Ways out of the Vale of Tears: Love it, Change it, or Leave it

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Love it, change it, or leave it

The phrase “Love it, change it, or leave it” is said to be from Henry Ford. Whether this is the case is disputed and not important.
Have you ever gone through a positive change in your life? How did it happen? How did you manage to redefine and pursue your goals?

  • You have actively changed something and made something fit that did not work before.
  • You left the situation.

Love it: Recognize the good in the situation

Let us imagine a project manager who has the impression that he is not successful in his work. He spends most of his day at work so that in the evening, he has neither time nor energy for fitness, hobbies, friends, let alone for the children. At some point, he becomes unhappy and depressed: problems at work, problems at home.
Here you should ask yourself where the feeling of not being successful comes from. Maybe the boss is continuously dissatisfied and expresses this. But perhaps there is also a lot of good things. One quickly tends to overlook the good. Perhaps the last project was a success, the customer satisfied. Maybe the salary is good and working with colleagues is fun.

Change it: How can it become “love it”?

Good money, friendly colleagues — but the constantly dissatisfied boss gets on our project manager’s nerves. He cannot deny that. It’s okay to accept that one cannot love the situation as it is. These circumstances help to start changing it.

Leave it: When nothing works anymore

Leaving the situation is a radical step and is tantamount to a separation in a bad relationship. Therefore, leaving should only be considered if you have already made a genuine attempt to turn the situation into a positive one, which has failed.

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